Meet the founder - Dog Yoyo Global Initiatives Inc. n
Dr. John Sessa

Meet the founder

Dr. John Sessa is a champion for human and animal rights; he founded Dog YoYo Global Initiatives and co-founded Today’s Promises(Haiti), the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, and the Stop Yulin Forever movement.

“I stand by the idealized philosophy that every living creature has a soul that feels deeply.”
This philosophy guides John’s work with Dog Yoyo Global Initiatives. Having earned his doctorate degree in international business and global finance, he applies his knowledge and passion to help create a better life for children and animals.

Dog Yoyo Global InitiativesDog Yoyo Global Initiatives

Dr. John Sessa began his journey in China fighting the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and documenting his journeys into slaughterhouses. Our mission has grown outside of Yulin and even outside of China to include developing and poverty-stricken countries like Venezuela Haiti and Peru.

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