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Dog YoYo Global Sanctuary in Venezuela

Earlier this year in China, our founder, @drjohnsessa , signed a lease on the perfect sanctuary to house all of our rescued pups.

And now we are very happy to announce that we have found one in Venezuela, as well!
Complete with a walled compound, a three bedroom house for our caretakers and a ton of room for expansion.

We are blessed to have this sanctuary on the water, so our dogs can benefit from aqua aerobics…and beach massages.
Future plans include building state of the art kennels, a mini hospital and all the facilities we need to properly care for our growing number of rescues.

The economy in Venezuela collapsed and millions fled their country. As a result of this crisis, many dogs & cats are abandoned & left on the streets. They scavenger for food and are in desperate need of care & love. Leaving many of them malnourished & sick.
Unfortunately, there is little help their government can do with not much public interest in resolving the animal welfare problem.
Dog Yoyo Global Initiatives are determined to bring aid to Venezuela in their time of crisis. They are building a sanctuary along the beach where they have already rescued over 20 severe cases. They also bought a transport vehicle to carry rescue dogs & transport sick animals to the hospital.

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