What is a Dog Sterilization program? n

What is a Dog Sterilization program?

A dog is the only creature on the earth that loves you more than he loves himself. More than humans, dogs can give you the love that you will not receive from anyone else.

Dogs are a blessing from heaven, but most of us take them for granted. Many people literally hate dogs, not just dogs but any other pet also. These people never really pet an animal.

But we have some angels too, who do a lot for dogs. If they call themself a pet lover, they prove it. 

Many people pet dogs and also adopt. In addition, they adopt and feed street dogs. Like humans, dogs can also develop several diseases which may be dangerous to their health. For this, they are treated through different surgical processes; one such process is the sterilization program.

Dog sterilization program 

The dog sterilization program is a surgical process. Here the reproductive organs of dogs are permanently removed so that they stop breeding. Sterilization is done on many animals like male and female dogs, rabbits, cats, etc. it is also known as neutering.

For male dogs, the testicle is removed, and the process of removing the testicle is known as castration. For female dogs, the ovary and uterus are removed.

There are strict rules to be followed before sterilization. Any normal veteran does not do it; this requires a specialist veteran. The veteran should have a license to do a sterilization program

There is a certain age of dog to do a sterilization program. Therefore, one should always consult a specialized veteran to perform sterilization on their dogs.

Benefits of sterilization 

Sterilization helps in maintaining the good health of your pet.

  • It prevents unnecessary breeding.
  • The number of unwanted and unnecessary animals is less.
  • It reduces the risk of various serious illnesses such as cancer.
  • Castration in male dogs will automatically reduce the urge and desire of sexual behaviour.

Sterilization for male dogs 

Castration is the most common among male dogs, along with it, some more procedures are followed on male dogs –

  1. Castration – is the removal of male reproductive organs such as testicles.
  2. Zeuterin – this is a solution that helps in painlessly removing the testicle.
  3. Vasectomy – this is a rare method of sterilization. However, it is a simple procedure and is effective. 

Changes in male dogs after sterilization 

  • Reduces roaming
  • Reduces urine
  • Reduces aggression
  • Reduces female dogs interests

Sterilization for female dogs 

The sterilization in females is commonly known as a spay procedure. They are sterilized in two ways. 

  1. Ovariohysterectomy – this involves removing ovaries and uterus from the female dogs. It is the most common.
  2. Ovariectomy – is also the removal of ovaries themselves.

Changes in female dogs after sterilization 

  • Reduces interest in male dogs
  • Reduction in the production of female reproductive organ 
  • Different moods
  • May become violent or may keep calm
  • Reduces heat, when the heat cycle will stop, it will automatically stop attracting male dogs.
  • Prevention from uterine infection

Neutering and sterilization are very common in the states of the US and Europe. It is routine there to sterilize their pet in the very first year of their birth. Sterilization also becomes crucial if your dog develops a certain serious illness like cancer.


To make your dog live a longer and healthier life, it is crucial to sterilize your dog. Sterilization is regularly followed in foreign countries, so it is recommended to adopt the idea because it only adds life to your dog’s life.

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